Providing for the future of your Mercedes
With Mercedes-Benz genuine parts you benefit from more than one hundred years'
experience in vehicle and parts construction. These parts are impressive due to their
proverbial quality, tested safety and high reliability. Furthermore the extreme longevity
and outstanding price/performance ratio of our genuine parts is particularly cost-

Inimitable and unmistakable: precisely defined manufacturer's specifications plus
comprehensive checks and extensive tests guarantee that each and every genuine
Mercedes-Benz part meets our highest quality standards and is always absolutely
state of the art. Mercedes-Benz genuine parts can be recognised by their
unmistakable hologram packaging.

Our sophisticated logistics guarantee that every necessary Mercedes-Benz original
part is made available to you as quickly as possible at your dealer.
Why MB Genuine Parts

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most reputed and sought after brands of cars. It stands
amongst other attributes for being long lasting, reliable and SAFE!

Mercedes-Benz genuine parts have been developed with these attributes in mind.
Every part is not only specifically designed for Mercedes-Benz, but also has to pass
constant quality control checks to ensure that every Mercedes-Benz car remains as
safe and reliable as the day it first went on the road. In the unlikely event that the part
should be faulty, all Mercedes-Benz genuine parts are covered by a 24 months parts
warranty and will be replaced at no extra costs.*

The producers of counterfeit or fake parts are not concerned with the safety of all road
users or if the part will damage the vehicle. Such parts are made from sub-standard
materials which may last only a short time or even jeopardise the safety of the car
and its occupants.
*In accordance with Mercedes-Benz Thailand conditions